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Oil Painting An Introduction

Being the most popular medium due to its forgiving nature, many of the artists wish to learn to oil paint as a means of self expression and creativity and with this intention in mind, enroll for classes wherein they can expect to learn the different oil painting techniques from the maestros of the field. In this respect, the student might as well bear in mind the fact that like all new activities oil painting also needs to be learnt from scratch and that there is no short cut which would enable one to become an accomplished oil painter overnight. However, joining oil painting lessons would undoubtedly speed up the process as one would get an opportunity to learn to oil paint by incorporating the various oil painting tips imparted by the guru.

Sample Oil Painting

Initially while oil painting how to paint landscapes, seascapes, animals and flowers forms the content of the oil painting lessons as instructions pertaining to the various oil painting techniques employed for painting these subjects are imparted to the student artist. Landscape, being the easiest, is not only the most common but also the first to be handled by beginners by utilizing some of the traditional oil painting techniques. While painting a landscape with oils, the student is instructed to start from the sky and gradually move downwards. This is not only in keeping with the light to dark rule but also entails the application of the wet-in-wet technique. One way of imparting depth to landscape oil is to paint the farther objects in light colors and the closer details in dark colors.

Attempting a seascape is comparatively a more challenging task but certainly not impossible to achieve for a dedicated student who believes in lot of practice. Seascapes are best painted by utilizing the wet-on-wet technique which entails the application of wet paint on top of another wet paint so as to create soft edges and proper blending of different colors. Seascape is usually replete with clouds, foam, waves and beaches and sometimes a lighthouse as well all of which can be depicted by maintaining a certain angle of the brush stroke. A beginner needs to remember that while painting a wave, the inside of the wave requires an under curve brush stroke where as the top of the wave requires an over hand.

Painting animals is a more complex task as one needs to keep in mind details like long fur, short fur, eyes and the overall proportion. In this regard, one of the noteworthy recommendations pertaining to making an oil painting of animal is to copy from a picture and try to produce the closest possible replica in terms of the mood, theme and expression of the particular animal or a bird. This would not only provide the artist with practice in various techniques but would also make him versatile. Likewise, for painting flowers, one would need a vast array of colors and a combination of several techniques in order to be able to acquire the desired result.

Having mastered most of the traditional techniques through these basic subjects, one can then graduate on to more complex subjects and even oil painting as an outlet for one’s dreams and fantasies.

Best and Natural Sore Throat Remedies : The Evergreen Ones

Your throat is one of the most important parts of your body. Aside from its purpose for breathing aspect, this is also the passageway of the foods that you are ingesting. So, once you are suffering from sore throat, there are many sore throat remedies that you have to know. All the sore throat remedies that you will learn from this article will provide you with relief from the condition provided that you will follow it properly.

how to get rid of a stuffy nose and sore throat

One of the fundamental sore throat remedies available for you is to consume water frequently. One of the main reasons why this is intended for people suffering from this condition is that water will help flush the organism causing the problem. Aside from that, this will also help flush the dead cells in the lining of your throat. Furthermore, there are also other minor reasons why increasing your water intake is essential. Basically, this will provide you with proper hydration status and will decrease the irritation happening in your throat. Make sure that you will consume not less than 8 glasses of water in a day. The below are a few method how do a quick natural remedies for sore throat :

Salt: is also one of the best sore throat remedies available for you. But you have to mix first the salt to water. This will enable you to come up with salt gargle. Once you are done in making salt gargle, you have to use it as oral mouthwash for the whole day. What makes salt becomes one of the best sore throat remedies are that this is loaded with antiseptic properties. This will basically kill the organism causing the problem giving you with the relief from the condition. Aside from killing the causative agent, salt from the gargle will also reduce the swelling of your throat and provide you with relief from the other problems you are experiencing.

Apart from sore throat salt solution can also help you to unclog a stuffy nose. To know more tips on how to get rid of a stuffy nose visit this website.

Garlic: is also one of the best sore throat remedies for you. When we speak of the most effective antibodies, garlic is considered as the most powerful remedy possessing antiseptics and antibiotics properties. In the case of sore throat, there are times wherein you feel extreme inability to swallow. And garlic will also provide you with the solution to that kind of discomfort. Garlic can be fried or seasoned in your meals.

Of course, the hallmark infection control nutrient is Vitamin C. This is also part of the best sore throat remedies. Vitamin C will help boost your immune system so that you will have proper defense against all the infections happening in your system. Moreover, Vitamin C will also help you in the repair process of your throat. This will work along with proteins you ingest in order to repair the compromised cells. Thus, this gives you relief from the condition that you are suffering. The accessibility of this vitamin is not a problem because most of the foods in the market contain this nutrient.

These are the tips for sore throat remedies that you have to learn. These remedies can be accessible in your home and you do not need to spend too much amount of money in order to get relief from your sore throat.

Methods On How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In The House

Fruit flies invade homes and cause annoyance so if this is happening to you, read on the methods on how to get rid of fruit flies in the house. Let us first know about fruit flies. Fruit flies are winged insects that are .2 inches in size. They are brown in color and have red big eyes. They have strong sense of smelling that they can smell food from far distances. Because they know where the smell of food comes from, they will easily attack to your kitchen through openings like windows, door jams, and any other cracks where they can enter.


They feed in alcohol which is yield from fruits and vegetables. Therefore, beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks are also attractive for them. They can also easily lay eggs into the food and hatch into larvae in just few hours.There are many ways on how to get rid of fruit flies in the house. From chemical based to natural methods in getting rid of them, you have a wide selection. Given below are various methods that can be used in getting rid of fruit flies in the house.

  • Check all possible entrance of fruit flies in your house. Look for cracks in windows, doors, and holes in your screens. Make sure to seal them all.

  • If you are living near dumpsters, make sure you will seal every areas that can be possible entrance for the fruit flies. It will be wiser to do that for fruit flies love dirty places like dumpsters.

  • Be sure that you do not leave you r garbage open for a long time. Throw them out quickly so fruit flies will not hatch and multiply in your place.

  • Keep your kitchen always clean. Fruit flies are also attracted to sweet foods. Clean directly the mess left from meals with water and bleach solution.

  • If you have a pantry at home for storing foods, see to it that they are not stored there for a long period of time. Fruit flies can easily locate it and may hatch inside.

  • Moisturized sinks and drains are one also of the favorite places of fruit flies. Keep them dry and clean regularly. You would not those places to become their breeding place.

  • Make trap for these insects. Fill a jar with one of their favorite foods for bait. Insert into its mouth a funnel. The fruit flies will be easily to fly inside the jar but will find them hard to fly out. Through this, you can clear them little by little.

  • Have some cedar wood in your house. Cedar are known to be repellent of insects. It will keep fruit flies away from your house.

You can also use chemicals in getting rid of the fruit flies. It is up to you on what you prefer. Proper waste disposal and observing cleanliness in your house will not let these insects attack your place. Keep away everything that are appealing to them. How to get rid of fruit flies in the house is just easy.

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